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26juil18 h 30 min23 h 59 minFriday Night Nexus – Episode 28Type de tournois:Soirée JeuFormat:Duel Commander,Magic the Gathering,Multi CommanderSoyez le premier à vous inscrire

15sept9 h 30 min20 h 30 minFeaturedMythic Championship Qualifier – ModernType de tournois:Mythic Championship QualifierFormat:Magic the Gathering,ModernSoyez le premier à vous inscrire


  • #MTGM20 is chock full of cards that help bolster strategies from a single type of creatures - Vampires, Elementals, Goblins, and more! If you're just getting into M20, what types are you excited to build around? For those who have been around for a bit, what are your favorite tribal strategies from the past? #MagicTheGathering #MTG

Art by Chris Seaman
  • Draft Weekend is in the books and #MTGM20 is officially released! We want to hear all about your weekend of Magic: Your favorite opens, best games, and your local store! But we especially want to hear if you're also an embodiment of the spirit of dawn who helps out other fliers on your team. #MTG #MagicTheGathering

Art by Micah Epstein
  • Happy Friday and #MTGM20 release day, everyone! We hope you have a great time at Draft Weekend at your local game store, and let us know all about your Limited decks! We want to see your first picks, hear about your wildest games, and see what kind of wild flame elementals you can conjure up! #MTG #MagicTheGathering (Note: Please do not conjur up real flame elementals in your local game store)

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  • Magic is at #SDCC2019! Check out  Daily MTG to see what we're up to, including a very exciting panel for those attending. And for everyone at home, be sure to follow us here and on Instagram (wizards_magic) to get a look at what's happening! #MTG #MagicTheGathering

Read it on Daily MTG! Link in the Bio.
  • Luis Scott-Vargas runs through the cards you most want to see in your first draft pack of Core Set 2020 in our latest article! He's the expert, but we're still going to have our fingers crossed for hydras, because any deck can be made better with more heads. That's just science. #MTGM20 #MagicTheGathering

Read all about drafting in preparation for this weekend's full M20 release on Daily MTG! Link in the Bio.

Art by Wayne Reynolds
  • If you've never tried out a draft before, check out Marshall Sutcliffe's breakdown of some of the cards and themes to look out for in #MTGM20 in the latest article on Daily MTG! Link in the bio.

If you've already been drafting on MTG Arena or Magic Online, help out a newbie and let us know what cards you're most excited to open and build around in the format! #MTG #MagicTheGathering
  • How was everyone's #MTGM20 Prerelease? Let us know about your favorite games you've had so far, and tag some of the fiery elemental buddies you played with over the weekend! #MTG #MagicTheGathering

Art by Zoltan Boros
  • We want to hear all about your #MTGM20 Prerelease! Let us know your favorite cards you've opened so far, and the best plays you've seen at your local store. We appreciate it, and so do all of these spectral animals being shot from a magical Arkbow. #MTG #MagicTheGathering

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  • Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you have a great time at #MTGM20 Prerelease this weekend, especially if you're bringing a friend along for their first try, and ESPECIALLY if that friend is also a dragon guarding their horde of gold.
  • Live footage of us emerging from the ocean looking for new decks to brew up.

While it's a holiday here in the US, the celebration of #MTGM20 begins this weekend at Prerelease! Find your local store at! #MTG #MagicTheGathering


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