Banlist Duel Commander

1 – Reminder
2 – Banned cards from all Duel Commander games
3 – Banned cards as a commander only (yet still playable in a deck)

1 – Reminder
You can’t have any of these following cards in a Duel Commander game.
This is in addition to points 2) and 3) in this document.
– Only cards that are playable in sanctioned Magic The Gathering formats are legal in Commander, and, therefore, in Duel Commander.
– That excludes special border cards like:
Gold-bordered cards (World Events promo cards / …)
Silver-bordered cards (Unhinged / Unglued / Unstable / Holiday cards / …)
Scroll-looking cards that like Conspiracies.
Square-cornered cards (Collector’s Edition / …)
Oversized and other miscellaneous cards such as Planechase Planes, Archenemy Schemes, Vanguard cards, Helvault cards, etc.
– That also excludes the cards that use the “Ante” word :
Amulet of Quoz
Bronze Tablet
Contract from Below
Demonic Attorney
Jeweled Bird
Tempest Efreet
Timmerian Fiends
– That also excludes physical abilitiescards that are Falling Star and Chaos Orb.
– The fast subgame card (which is not an effect, but is a real card) Shahrazad is also excluded.
– Also, this implies cards marked offensive by Wizards of the Coast. Click here for the list. This list is a work in progress.

Liste des cartes bannies en Duel Commander (Banned cards from all Duel Commander games) - 25 février 2024

Liste des COMMANDANTS bannis en Duel Commander (Banned cards as a commander only (yet still playable in a deck)) - 25 février 2024